K2 plugin error in latest version in Joomla 3.0

Some problems in TorTags with K2 in Joomla 3.0.2:

"An error has occurred. 500 View not found [name, type, prefix]: {viewname}, html, {viewname}View "

(not only tortags, gantry and etc with k2 system plugin : "500 View not found [name, type, prefix]: gantry, html, gantryView")

 deprecated methods k2

When try to edit or create elements in TorTags component.
It is issue occurs when installed the latest version of k2.

Problem in K2 system plugin. It use the deprecated method JRequest::getCmd

 Need replace ALL JRequest::getVar and JRequest::getCmd TO: JFactory::getApplication()->input->get



$option = JRequest::getCmd('option');

$task = JRequest::getVar('task');


$option = JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('option');
$task = JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('task');

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