How to check is installed imagemagick?

ImageMagick on your web server installed or not. Check by php.


Step 1. Check existing ImageMagick by extension_loaded()


if (extension_loaded('imagick'))
echo 'ImageMagick Loaded';
} else echo 'Extension ImageMagick not found by extension_loaded';



or you can check existing ImageMagick by phpinfo(). [in Joomla 2.5+ you can see php configuration in admin part]


Search(ctrl+F) in list "imagick" or "ImageMagick".


Step 2. [If you can't find imagick extension in phpinfo] Check existing ImageMagick by exec().

exec('convert -version',$output);


If ImageMagick is installed you will get result:

Array ( [0] => Version: ImageMagick 6.6.3-4 2010-08-08 Q16 [1] => Copyright: Copyright (coffee) 1999-2010 ImageMagick Studio LLC [2] => Features: OpenMP [3] => )



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