Settings for Joomla Categories

Inctructions: TorTags configuration for Joomla Categories (com_categories)

To configure tortags for Joomla categoriesrequires a little actions.
(Note: in the latest versions these settings are created automatically when you install the component)


1. Go: Components -> TorTags -> Manage Components.

2. Click to "Create" button in toolbar.

3. Enter parameters, see picture below.

4. Click to "Save" button in toolbar.


Example settings for Joomla Categories:

Component name: com_categories
Component table: #__categories
Id field: id
Title field name: title
Description field name: description
Created field name: created_time
Url template: index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=[ID]
Exceptions (views or tasks):


TorTags 2.5 with Joomla Categories

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