Settings for Phoca Gallery

Inctructions: TorTags configuration for


1. Go: Components -> TorTags -> Manage Components.

2. Click to "Create" button in toolbar.

3. Enter parameters, see picture below.

4. Click to "Save" button in toolbar.

5. Some modification phoca gallery files.

Example settings for phoca gallery CATEGORIES:

Component name: com_phocagallery
Component table: #__phocagallery_categories
Id field: id
Title field name: title
Description field name: description
Created field name: date
Url template: index.php?option=[COMPONENT]&view=category&id=[ID]
Exceptions (views or tasks): phocagalleryimg


Unfortunately, phoca developers didn't include pre-processing description by content-plugins.
Therefore, it is necessary to make a small change in the file: components\com_phocagallery\views\category\tmpl\default.php (~line 38)

Replace: echo $this->category->description.

To:  echo JHTML::_('content.prepare', $this->category->description).

After making changes, save the file. That all.


TorTags 2.5 with Phoca gallery 3.2

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